PanGlobal and its educational partners strive to ensure that your learning materials are accurate, current, and written in a clear, level-appropriate manner. Our national validation process addresses all identified errors.

In " Content Updates", you will find corrections to errors that have been reported and verified. All corrections are identified by book and page number (eg. Part A1, page 45) and by date posted or updated (eg. April 2009). You will also find sections of content that have been updated or revised for other reasons, besides correction. The corrections and updates are presented as Acrobat (.pdf) files, which you can save and print. Click on the appropriate link(s) below to access the corrections for your class of study and/or for the support materials listed.

If you find additional errors, please report them to us, using our Correction Submission Form. Please include all the required information on the form. Your input is much appreciated.